I’m a stay-at-home dog mom and homemaker, part-time software tester, and I LOVE to cook! This blog was started with my friends and family in mind – I’ve been asked for a lot of recipes and ideas over the years, and finally decided it was time to make my favorites more accessible. I also secretly love taking pictures of my food, so this seemed to be an appropriate outlet.

My husband Sam and I have a somewhat unique lifestyle. I don’t like using the word “diet,” because the way we eat is not a temporary list of do’s and don’t’s. There isn’t even one word that would describe the way we eat. We are mostly vegetarian away from home, we borrow from Paleo and Primal diet guidelines, and we’ll be the first to admit that we can definitely be caught cheating in the grains/sweets department!

Sam and I both grew up in pretty standard mid-western families – lots of corn-fed kids, small town parents, meat & potatoes, all that good stuff. When my oldest brother married a vegetarian back in 2003, the rest of my family was extremely skeptical. Mom had a hard time figuring out what in the world to cook for her besides dinner rolls and salads. Then everything took quite a turn. My dad was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, and I admire him to this day for tackling it with a vengeance by way of some major life changes. He switched to a vegan diet and Mom had to learn how to cook all over again – she read books and attended a “Cooking for Cancer” class, and over time built up a new stash of go-to recipes. Meanwhile, Sam and I moved in together. He had been vegetarian for a few years already, and I eventually adopted the lifestyle. My mom and sister were eating mostly vegan to support my dad, and all of a sudden the veggies in our family significantly outnumbered the carnivores!

Dad, Mom, me, and Sam

A couple years ago my other brother introduced us to the principles behind the Primal/Paleo diets, and we started working on integrating some of them into our lifestyle. We removed bread, grains, pasta, and snack foods from the house completely. In the fall of 2013 we decided that it was time to re-integrate healthy, quality meat back into our diets as it was getting a little challenging to continue to fill out our menu and feel satisfied. We found Date Creek Ranch in Arizona and were very impressed with their practices and reviews. We ordered over 150 lbs of beef and pork, officially becoming the worst vegetarians ever.

Bottom line: Sam and I place a high value on natural ingredients and avoiding processed foods. We stay away from grains and sugars as much as possible (though this is slightly complicated by the fact that Sam runs a home brewery out of our garage). We generally only eat meat at home – we always want to know where it came from and that the animal had a natural, healthy, and happy life.  I’m hoping this can be a great resource to help me continue to share our lifestyle with those who ask. With great power comes great responsibility – or really more like – with time to experiment and a passion for cooking comes great responsibility 🙂


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