Lolo’s Kale Salad

Yes, I am naming this after myself. As I sat at my desk five minutes ago, inhaling an entire batch and licking the plate clean, I thought to myself, “Yes…yes, this is the one. It shall proudly bear the name Lolo, and all will know the wonders of kale bathed in peanut buttery goodness…” Anyway, it was inspired by the kale peanut slaw at a restaurant here in Phoenix called Hillstone, and I’ve created my own even-more-peanuty version that is tried, tested, and ready to share! Oh man, just look at it. Rrnnghhghh, so good.


The wide world of kale is varied and delicious. I’ve done this salad with only green curly kale, with green and red (really pretty!), and with green and Tuscan. I’d go with whatever you can find at your grocery store, and extra mom points if you make it colorful! I’ve also mixed green kale with green and red cabbage, and I find that the strong flavor of raw cabbage gets to be a bit much for me when I am eating this salad in such absurd quantities. But if you are in to that sort of thing then I would recommend giving it a shot.


  • When ripping the leaves off the stems, hold stalk right-side-up, grasping the top of the stalk firmly between two fingers, then wrap your other hand loosely around the stalk and rip the leaves off from top to bottom in one swoop. You want to be ripping in the opposite direction that the veins are pointing.
  • If you’ve left your kale in the fridge for too long and it is all sad and droopy, do not despair! Cut off the bottoms of the stems (just like fresh flowers) and put in a vase of water. The kale will quickly perk right back up!
  • Tuscan kale is the same thing as lacinato kale and often marketed as dinosaur kale. Whatever the name, it is a nice dark green with a thick, smoother texture than regular green kale.
  • Green curly kale makes a great side dish just sauteed up with some butter, salt, and pepper. We have it for breakfast fairly often with fried eggs or even mixed in with scrambled eggs and a little feta cheese.

Tuscan and red kale

 Salad Ingredients

  • 1 bunch green kale
  • 1 bunch other kale of choice (green, red, dinosaur, Tuscan, etc. I feel like it looks like I’m just typing random words) or 1/2 head cabbage (red, green, whatever you like)
  • 3-6 green onions
  • 1 batch Asian Peanut Dressing
  • 1/2 cup unsalted peanuts, coarsely chopped


  1. Wash and dry the kale. Rip the leaves off of the stalks. Chop in half-inch intervals from left to right and then from top to bottom, so you are left with many adorable kale squares. If you are using cabbage, chop similarly. Make sure you have more kale than cabbage – shoot for a 2:1 ratio.
  2. Finely chop your green onions. Three is perfect for a smaller batch (one bunch of kale), 5-6 is great for a large batch.
  3. Chop your peanuts! I don’t have an actual nut chopper, but when I chop them with a kitchen knife I actually like how the different pieces vary in size.
  4. Toss salad with Asian Peanut Dressing, green onions, and a good handful of the peanuts. Start with about 2/3 of the dressing, get it mixed, and see how you like the coverage. I prefer more dressing, some prefer less. If you have any dressing left over, it is really delicious as a carrot dip, or also totally acceptable to eat by the spoonful.
  5. Refrigerate for AT LEAST one hour! This salad does not reach its final form until thoroughly chilled!
  6. Serve with extra peanuts sprinkled over the top.

Voilà! Delicious.

Jamie sure likes to help me do the dishes when I make this dressing! Mmm, peanut butter. This was the day I discovered that Jamie crosses his eyes when eating something extra delicious 🙂